today was a mellow day, in a good way though haha. so cristian gives me a white chocolate covered oreo and it was delicious. and then i got a box of chocolates from mia and it was delicious. then i got fun dip from zach and it was delicious. danny gave me a jolly rancher lollipop and it was delicious. morgan gave me a cake pop minus the stick it was delicious. in pe, we were playing capture the flag, but with frisbees, so collin threw me a frisbee and we ran it to the otherside WINNING collin gave me a big hug afterwards it was nice :) then i went inside the band room for claire because she had lunchtime detention and i didn’t want her to be alone in there -_- then since i didn’t have a 6th period i went to ms. boyce’s class and watched jake perform his noh drama LOL (they’re studying japan right now) it was hilarious they wore pantyhose on their heads and white masks ((: then  play was about nobles and there was this part where they were fighting and they put on this asian fight music, and there was a slideshow behind them, and it was like, FATALITY, and it was like an asian video game omgomgomg made my day <3 but yeah so i guess things are no longer awkward with carter? and i guess zach was lying about what carter said idkidkidk but it’s so confusing because errbody’s saying different things so we’ll have a huge circle and pass a feelings stick arounds and take turns talking about our feelings LOL then we went to la paaaz and pigged out, finishing up the day with some new girl, glee, and raising hope. yay tuesdays :)

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